Norwegian Institute for Strategic Studies (NORISS)

A new strategic regional and global environment surrounds Norway today. Norway’s role in the world has very much increased. With the beginning of the century, Norway is facing great economic, political and defence challenges. Norway and Russia are Europe’s energy producers and Norway is Europe’s largest sea state.

The Norwegian Institute for Strategic Studies (NORISS) has the aim to analyse this new strategic environment in an interdisciplinary way. The central goal of the Institute is to focus on the international development, taking into account the Norwegian interests, and to develop strategic studies exploring the countries’ natural and human resources. Among the main Norwegian interests should be counted: value formation, welfare and redistribution within the Norwegian society.

NORISS shall become a centre for applied research, producing strategic studies and contributing to the social debates.

NORISS has begun its activity within the Europa Programmet in spring 2005 and became an independent institution the 1st of January 2006.

NORISS shall develop strategic theoretical studies and empirical analysis in the following areas:

– international political economy
– industry and economy
– economy and financial politics
– international strategies
– Norwegian, Northern and European defence and security policy
– European and Euro-Atlantic politics and diplomacy

NORISS shall have a special focus on:

– energy geopolitics and geostrategy
– developments in the Northern area and polar region
– Norwegian foreign and security political culture
– Norwegian and Northern new strategic role
– European diplomacy and politics, and the role of USA as a national and “imperial” actor
– Russia – from menace to neighbour, rival and partner
– global system and globalisation studies

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